CyberPower BU600E-AS 600VA UPS (USA) at Php.1650.00

Featuring with the best-in-class fireproof plastic housing, the BU series UPS provides an outstanding fire-resistance capability to minimize the possible damages of valuable assets in case of any fire incident. With CyberPower’s innovative Battery Management Technology, it significantly increases the battery efficiency therefore a longer battery life. The configurable alarm allows users to switch ON/OFF the audible alarm when UPS is on battery mode to avoid any disturbance. Its generator compatibility provides an extensive application scenario during power outage.

With the built-in Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) stabilizes the AC signal and maintains a safe voltage, it allows the UPS to maintain safe power levels through Double Boost & Single Buck function for the connected equipment without resorting to battery power. 

Features & Benefits?

  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Auto-Restart/Auto-Charge
  • Generator Compatible
  • Fire-Resistance Capability
  • Configurable Alarm
  • Battery Management Technology
  • Flexible Placement
Model BU600E
Capacity (VA/Watts) 600/360
Voltage Range 140~300Vac
Nominal Frequency 45-65Hz
On Battery Output Voltage Simulated Sine Wave at 220Vac +/-5%
On Battery Output Frequency 50Hz +/- 1%
Overload Protection Breaker / Fuse
Total # of UPS Receptacles 3
Dimensions(H x W x D)(mm) 91.5 x 158 x 240
Weight(kg) 3.8
Sealed Maintenance Free
Lead Acid Battery
RBP0043 x1
Typical Recharge Time 8 Hours
50W/120W Load(mins) 34/18
Status Indicators
Indicators Power On / Using Battery
Audible Alarms On Battery, Low Battery, Overload, Fault
Auto-Charge Yes
Auto-Restart Yes